Downloading Torrents Anonymously

4 Tips to Downloading Torrents Anonymously

Downloading Torrents Anonymously
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One of the easiest ways of getting any files you want from the internet is by downloading torrents. However, there are so many anti-piracy outfits regulating such downloads nowadays. Additionally, it’s very easy for you to get caught while transferring the illegal files. There is also the risk of getting your system infected with viruses. The real risk, however, will involve your identity being caught. This is one of the main reasons as to why many BitTorrent users are looking for means of ensuring that they remain anonymous while downloading torrent files. With all the problems involved in downloading torrents, there is a great need to bypass all the restrictions and still remain anonymous. Below are some 4 tips to downloading torrents anonymously.

1. Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Virtual Private Network - Downloading Torrents Anonymously

In order to hide and protect your identity, VPN is the perfect way to go unrecognized. It not only hides your identity but your location too. Members of the BitTorrent community use this tactic effectively and anonymously. Basically, VPN hides your IP address by diverting your internet traffic through a completely different server. Although you may need to pay a few dollars for this to happen, there are some VPNs that offer an unpaid plan but such tariffs are slower and are not best suited for such an activity.

2. Try Btguard

BTGuard - Downloading Torrents AnonymouslyThis is among the many proxy services that will conceal your identity whenever downloading torrent files. BTGuard is an independent platform service that’s optimized for BitTorrent users. Most experienced users torrent downloaders consider it to be is one of the most effective options out there. BTGuard configures the proxy service in order to hide your IP-Address from the public. Most anti-piracy outfits are not in terms with BTGuard as it makes it impossible for them to track any infringing user.  As much as this is a paid for proxy service, it’s worth every penny for any BitTorrent user.

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3. Try Torrent Privacy  

Torrent Privacy - Downloading Torrents Anonymously

This paid service has some close similarities with BTGuard. The best thing about this service is the fact that it offers a uTorrent user with the pre-configured settings that ensure your privacy and anonymity. However, this service is only available in the windows platform. Nevertheless, it’s as much effective as the BTGuard and works more like a torrenting solution with all the safety measures in place. TorrentPrivacy can easily be installed and does not store logs. It’s a paid service that accepts anonymous payments via PayPal and Bitcoin.

4. Use Anomos

Anomos - Downloading Torrents AnonymouslyIf you are looking for a multi-platform for BitTorrent users, then this can be a perfect service to keep your activities anonymous. The concept of this service is based on a peer/tracker principle. When downloading, Anomos is encrypted all the way to ensure that the process undergoes great depths of anonymity and security.

One of the greatest advantages of the internet is the fact that file sharing has been made possible, easy and fast. Peer-to-peer networking has been found to be the most convenient ways of distributing content. However, there are various network administrators that ban BitTorrent traffic, preventing us from sharing content. For more tips on how to remain anonymous when downloading torrents, tell if you’re being hacked, and stay safe on the internet, you ought to check out sites such as 8-bit Sumo, a comprehensive guide site for everything internet-safety, privacy, and reliability.


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