Why Bloggers Love InterServer

Why Bloggers Love InterServer

For a new website, you need a web hosting service that can deliver value for money and is trustworthy. All the big giants of the web industry rely on web hosting for their smooth operations. Don’t be amazed if someone tells you that even Amazon, Alibaba, and Google have their maximum number of websites on web hosting.

If you want your business to be successful, you have to have it online. And, to have your business online, you need the best web hosting service that will work as the backbone. We have come up with a review of one of the best website hosting services of 2019. InterServer beats the opponents in terms of value for money and easily comes up at the top.

Why Bloggers Love InterServer
Why Bloggers Love InterServer

Why bloggers love InterServer?

In this review, we will explain what is web hosting, why bloggers love InterServer, and why you should choose InterServer as your web hosting provider. This will help you grow your existing business or convert your new business into an immediate success story. In order to have success, you must always opt for the best services available.

The website hosting is a service that provides all the necessary tools you need to build your very own website. Your website can be anything such as your online business, blogging website, a news website or any other website according to your hobby. The web hosting service will take your business to the internet through your own newly built website.

What is the Best Web Hosting Service?

According to several reviews, the best website hosting provider of 2019 is InterServer. It offers plenty of features for all types of businesses and individuals. Either its price or its primary WordPress hosting feature, InterServer is truly the all-rounder of the market right now. Having said that, with InterServer, you will have the best web hosting resource out there. No doubt Why bloggers love InterServer as compared to other similar services. Let’s now see what makes InterServer stand out from the rest.

Not everything that is cheaper comes with a quality that is proven in the market and is backed by experts in the field. InterServer not only offers cheaper rates but also offers quality that has no match in the industry. Having said that, if you want a hosting service that offers top-notch quality without costing you a fortune, InterServer is for you.

Interserver.net has been in the industry for a long time now and experts claim it is here to stay for longer than you would expect. Interserver.net has a long list of clients that includes small scale businesses, entrepreneurs, bloggers and companies that have already made it big in their respective industry.


Top features of InterServer

Interserver.net offers a long list of services that include

  • Dedicated server
  • Free website developer
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Free Website Migration
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Unlimited storage and transfer
  • Global content caching
  • Price lock guarantee
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • WordPress Experts
  • CentOS operating system
  • Quality network
  • 450+ Cloud apps
  • 30 days Guarantee
  • Lower renewal cost

And this is not it, InterServer offers hundreds of such services that take away all your headache of controlling your website so that you can focus solely on your business. Let’s look into some of the highlight services provided by Interserver.net in detail.

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Free Web Site Builder

With Interserver.net, building websites is easy and all fun courtesy the specially designed website editor “SidePad”. Sitepad offers 300+ themes and a big list of categories to make website designs on your choice. Not just that, you can make any changes you want to with just one click. Furthermore, Sitepad has over 40 tools that make it user-friendly. In addition, it offers features like cPanel, DirectAdmin, and Plesk all within the boundaries of InterServer.

Free Website Migration

The good news is that you can migrate to any shared hosting service. InterServer gives you the liberty to migrate to any shared hosting service anytime for free. in order to do so, you should have a cPanel backup on standby. You can save time by uploading it to a new shared hosting account but it is not mandatory. Keep your current account date safe before the backup can overwrite any of it.

Unlimited email addresses

Intereserver.net offers unlimited email addresses. Also, InterServer guarantees email delivery with features like blocking spam emails and detecting compromised emails. It automatically detects any compromised email account and by doing so it saves you from IP blacklisting. All in all, a very useful feature that keeps your safety intact.

Quality network

InterServer keeps upgrading its servers on a daily basis which ensures that every client gets high-quality network service. Moreover, InterServer offers consistency in speed and better downtime which runs your website faster in comparison to others. This also gives better access to visitors and results in increasing website traffic by a large number.

CentOS operating system

InterServer uses CentOS system that is compatible with both Windows and Linux. Windows and Linux are the most used operating systems and covering both operating systems at the same time makes Interserver.net the best possible choice.


WordPress is the most commonly used content management system that works with pretty much all the main database servers including MySQL, MariaDB, and SQLite. Also, it has many interesting themes that are mostly free. The latest WordPress is preinstalled on InterServer and works for free. This content management system runs on VPS and is accelerated by Nginx: the fastest browser in the world. It is widely used for content writing and blogging across the globe.

interserver.net plans
interserver.net plans
interserver.net best
interserver.net best

Best feature of InterServer

Interserver.net uses the most common and popular cPanel. With this famous control panel, users can easily make any changes to their websites. Also, users get access to a handful of tools that make the overall process of managing their websites trouble-free. “Easy to use control panel” is by far the best feature of InterServer.

With the best Uptime, ultra-fast speed, and 24/7 support system, Interserver.net is without a doubt the best website hosting service in the market right now. All these features that Interserver.net offers go out to prove Why bloggers love InterServer. 

Interserver.net offers plenty of features that make it better than any other website hosting service but what makes it the best web hosting service in the market? The “easy to use control panel” is, without doubt, the best feature of InterServer. This makes InterServer come at the top of the list of web hosting providers and also the best web hosting service of 2019.


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